Evangilist, Teacher, Poet, Arthur L. Brown, Founder of Christian Youths United. Attended Alcorn State University, Mississippi Valley State University, and Studied Business at State Community College in East St Louis Ill. Currently studing theology at Grand Canyon Univsrsity.  Served six years in the United States Air Force during the Viet Nam war. Started Preaching the Gospel November 1995. Received Certificate Of Ordination November 1997. Former Student Body President T.L. Weston High School, graduated Class of 1970. Nominated Poet of the Year July 2004, "A SURRENDER TO THE MOON" *THE STORM  and **FOLLOW YOUR DREAM  *THE INTERNATIONAL* "WHO'S WHO IN POETRY."

    My Greatgrandmother (BIG MAMA) was my first teacher. She was the daughter of  a former slave , known to me as Papa Jones. She and her siblings were taught at home. She could read on the College  level. Her hand writing style was Old English. She told me many stories about her upbringing. Those stories have inspired me for many years. That is the motivating factor that gave  me understanding of having an education.